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Jack Grace To Drop His New EP ‘If I Tremble’ on April 13th.

On April 13th, Jack Grace, will drop his EP ‘If I Tremble’ – a lust like bite into that juicy orange, rind and all, living cells crushed, and splashes of sugary effervescence, all to become one with the essence of being.

Driving up and down the corridor of this life, there are restraints of innuendos and suppositions. She didn’t love him. She didn’t love him – enough. Enough of the life together wasn’t profound enough to keep them together. It dissolved her resolve to stay, to start over possibly, and to chip away at the monumental consequences of what had, had happened. He denied it. He was still in love with her. The stance wasn’t consistent with her. He was confused why she didn’t understand. Was it a dead-end? Was he chasing dreams? Why is this room spinning?

The purple colors of indigenous privateers, mounted an attack into that night of nights. And the two of them lost.

The story ended on that fateful day.

Grace brings the shades of life and the living, unfolding in the songs of what could be, within his new EP ‘If I Tremble’. The textures are undeniably subtle, but all that means is that we need to adjust our vision of our interpretations.

But that’s what’s good about it. These are 7 chapters in this imaginary subsidiary rest stops.

And you’re invited.

Our favorites on the EP: ‘US’, ‘BE4UGO’, ‘If I Tremble’.

He’s rep’ed by Of Leisure Records.


Track List:

  • US
  • Waiting
  • BE4UGO
  • Downstate
  • If I Tremble
  • Row Me Home


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