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Jack M Senff // FIRSTWORLD // Plain Sails // SYML // Aila Fei

Jack M Senff – Full Decay

Off of ‘Good to Know You’, comes this jewel of songwriting by JACK M SENFF. ‘Full Decay’ is a delicious combination of possibly extinguishing passions, resurged with thoughts and feelings that were thought to have been disregarded. A passive attic, within a heart, saves the day, from a mind that is slowly succumb to the plights of cynicism and bare nihilism. ‘Good to Know You’ was mixed and mastered by Mike Kenway (William Bonney, In Ghosts), and features Brian Morgante (DEADHORSE, Flesh and Bone Design), Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee (Tyler Daniel Bean, Adrian Ardvark), his wife Em Randall, and Arthur Shroeder (After Ours). Get to know Jack, more. You deserve his perspective.

FIRSTWORLD – Just a Feeling

Exploring sexual anxieties and the whole-cloth depiction of what love and monogamy may mean to the prospective agent, is where FIRSTWORLD’s single ‘Just A Feeling’ is about. Many of us in this world think, albeit fleetingly, about such philosophical question, day to day. Why? It’s a very important part of being an animal like humans are. It is the built in chemical programming that we need to maintain, and compose as we deliver ourselves in this world. Sex, relationships, and the politics of personal striations is a part of life. Miami producer and artist Kris Alvarez is the man behind this project, and as he, himself, dwell on questions of such weight, we move on, step by step, and dance by dance.

Plain Sails – Scars

‘Scars’ by PLAIN SAILS was the second release of 2019. Classic rock-pop vibrance of song, the guitar driven anthem is a festival purpose system of notes and vibes. Andrew Chappell, Andy Tanaka, and Jack Bullock make up this exciting band, and many agree. The London based band has successfully climbed with energy and gumption to release 6 singles and play crowds from venue to venue in the UK. The band with a purpose, and the right fit for mass consumption, just does it right with their music. And you can’t go wrong with that.

SYML – Connor

SYML (Brian Fennell) has bee a fave of ours ever since the first experience. The uber-talented artist hits all of the right waves of expressions in his music. We’d stated: “And when SYML is playing in your heart, the Universe opens up – it opens with a declaration for what you have always felt you can be; can achieve. Love is one facet – a beautiful and important part of life – but it is only one facet. It is a part of your story, not the whole. We continue to struggle in finding the one, and the only.” That sentiment for his works, still apply. Check out his latest self-titled debut album, which is available now.

Aila Fei – Waves

AILA FEI puts it like this: “[‘Waves’] is about a lesson my father has patiently re-iterated over the years. He’s encouraged me to surrender to the currents of life and to notice the wasted energies of pushing and pulling against them. Even when the fight seems to come so naturally for many of us.” Balance between dance-pop and alternative, the sounds that Aila constructs are both mischievous and emblematic. The degree to which where sonic galaxies seem to soar and never lessen in energy. The cryptic valences and hyperion resonance, resoundingly and blaring-ly, beautify as it cleanses our musical pallets. Let Aila’s dark and ethereal vibe get to you.


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