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Jack M. Senff Shares ‘Old Days’. “Music he might have the chance to create. Realized.”

JACK M. SENFF is a Michigan based singer/songwriter. With his friends and wife, he resides in Traverse City, as life strolls on by. His cat Dokis watches with him, the sunrises and sunsets, as the golden glare of day-to-day screams in silence.

“Say goodbye to the man Dokis,” said Jack, as he mimicked human ‘goodbye’ waving taking his cat’s paws in his thumb and index finger. Dokis’ paws are so soft, Jack thought, as he’d thought so, millions of times before.

He loves Dokis.

He loves his wife.

He loves his friends.

He loves the kind of music he might have the chance to create.

‘Old Days’ is off of Jack’s upcoming album ‘Good To Know You’ which drops on September 6th. And in it he pours ingredients of personal proclamations and injections about and for living the way he does. The collection of songs and stories deals in general of “shifting” and “fickle” nature of time and “identity”.

Snapshots are all that culminates in this long river of life. Collected, just like in a new album, we build and dictate our next and foremost actions or inactions. Love, loss, family, and most of all the unrelenting changes within each pillars of society, gather to mediate and debate.

Former of the moniker BOY REX, Jack re-brands himself, to what he has become and accepts. The shift in colors in this latest album is quieter, softer, and honest, in a different way.

‘Old Days’ is a beautifully sung and produced single, of exactly that new attitude and mentality. Intensity doesn’t need to be in a scream. Rather a gentle glide, sometimes can have the same effect. And ‘Old Days’ is a smiling truth of consciousness that really allows Jack to express in that manner.

The album ‘Good To Know’ will feature Brian Morgante (DEADHORSE, Flesh and Bone Design), Shannon Lee Stott-Rigsbee (Tyler Daniel Bean, Adrian Ardvark), his wife Em Randall, and Arthur Shroeder (After Ours). It was mixed and mastered by Mike Kenway (William Bonney, In Ghosts).




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