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Jack McLaughlin // Flora Hibberd // Black // Saint Kodiak // Cyrene

Jack McLaughlin – Bulgarian Gal

Jack McLaughlin stated about his single ‘Bulgarian Gal’: “Inspired by falling asleep listening to the Bulgarian State Television Female Choir and trying to dream of faces to match such beautiful voices.” Off of his latest album ‘Covered In Black’, the 18 year old singer/songwriter is a unique display of talent in a sea of many wanna-be’s. Unique in his tailoring of his songs, when listening to his album, where there is nothing but excellence written within. ‘Bulgarian Gal’ is one of those facets of his musical core, as a certainly nonchalant subject matter garners such spirit and emotional travel. The beautiful harmonies overlap with delight as the delightfully light and airy lyrics, combine to make a culture traversing experience in atmospheres. Jack is from Omaha, Nebraska. He makes fab music.

Flora Hibberd – The Absentee

Sacked by an urgent feeling of hope and contrasting destination, FLORA HIBBERD reverberates with her un-withering attitude and ravenous trek for the unknown. Paris based artist from London, is a gamut of syringes pricking our lifeless bodies of evidence, with fulfilling hymns in tolerable and digestible morsels of excitement, slicing off platitudes with dexterity and expertise. That’s what Flora does within her songs. And when ‘The Absentee’ writhes in juxtaposing remembrance, your body voluptuously convulse into new and feathered spirits. With the best traditions of Joan Baez and PJ Harvey at her side, she glides in and out as deliciously and ominously, membrane to membrane. Look for Flora’s debut EP in April.

Black – Revolution D-1

BLACK is a South Korean artist who deals in the classics, with a mindset for the twisted and the strange. However, the subject of his single ‘Revolution D-1’ might not be far off from a real situation, if there ever was one. As BLACK stated: “‘Revolution D-1’ is a waltz song that depicts the mindset of a revolutionary leader, as he encourages his comrades the day before the revolution/rebellion. Although the song is classical in nature, it is a fierce song that any music lover can get pumped up to.” Normally BLACK deals in surreal dark-pop, but you can say in ‘Revolution D-1’ he wanted to say something a bit different. He sure succeeded. Let’s look out for more from this vastly interesting and non-conforming artist.

Saint Kodiak – Gutter

SAINT KODIAK has a way of thinking about how he fits in this circle of life: “This is a song about friendship, brotherhood and the collective. Take care of your friends and they will take care of you. If you don’t, the gutter is always waiting for you.” He values, things that, with no ulterior motives, fulfill his life. He values his relationships that make his professional and person life the way he’d like it. He’s deathly afraid of making things fall by the wayside – to that ‘Gutter’ that he sings so eloquently about. This song amplifies for his own reminder and emphasis for the whole world to seek. This is the 3rd single from the Danish singer/songwriter.

Cyrene – Time To Pretend

Mysterious artist CYRENE made us fall in love with her voice when we’d first gotten to know her cover of Chris Isaak’s single ‘Wicked Games’. With covers, there are those who can. With covers there comes a field of responsibilities. CYRENE hit all those facets of what can, and she did. In ‘Time To Pretend’ (by MGMT) the ultra genre defining hit is made to become CYRENE’s own, with her delectable recompense for the righteous charm and delivery. Her EP ‘Time To Pretend’ is humble, exciting, delicious, and most of all, it invokes a feeling of desire for all things CYRENE. It’s the perfect appetizer for an artist we so much want to know more about. Can’t wait to do exactly that.


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