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Jack River – Later Flight

Purveyor of gritty alt pop, Aussie powerhouse Jack River (Holly Rankin), returns to the fore with another single that demands a lot of you: in desire and ambition, that is. “Do you feel it?” she asks in ‘Later Flight’, and you say “Heck yea. Feel all warm inside.” Yes. That’s you. That’s you vibin’ with the colors of the rainbow. That spectrum of empathy and deserved excoriation (all at the same time) is where you feel safe and comfortable. “This feeling of rushing, loving and dreaming of home drove the song to where it is,” Holly continued: “I wasn’t sure if I had the guts to say something as bold as ‘I will love you for all of my life.'” Sure do Holly. Sure do. See her perform next @ Grapevine Gathering 2019, VIC on November 23rd.

Fellow Robot – Just Go

‘Just Go’ is a new single from Los Angeles based indie rock band Fellow Robot. It was mixed by Grammy award winner Andrew Scheps and co-written with Matthew Di Panni of The Mowgli’s. It’s about the drop. The intro to ‘Just Go’ gets you ‘there’ then ‘drop kicks’ you with a forceful but very much empathetic drop and chorus. It’s the good stuff. Sultry in its hard-rock ways, the song provides an incantation for what a song can provide. Fellow Robot is a Southern California based band that surges with dynamic lead vocals and thrusting efforts to make you bop your head. Fun stuff from the gang.

Onsen – Charming Nights

Los Angeles based indie artist Onsen returns today with the new song ‘Charming Nights’. Said Onsen of the single: “The verses are a come on of sorts, something good is happening, moves are being made, but in the chorus self-doubt appears to say, ‘is this about to end?’ ‘Is this your last chance to get this right or it’s gone?’ It’s equal parts sensuality and desperation.” Satya Bhabha (New Girl, Scott Pilgrim, Sense8) directs the music video, which features dancers Christopher Argodale and Shane Raiford, and was choreographed by Andrew Pearson. “It’s is a visualization of a warehouse of memories,” explained Onsen of the music video. “In the video I’m drifting between scenes of two lovers coming together and then falling apart. While the memories lie years apart, the motion between them is continuous, shots drift away instead of cutting, reminiscent of a single shot video. Finally, the video ends with the three characters changing bodies as if they are all an ‘exquisite corpse’ drawing composed of their past loves.” ‘Charming Nights’ is how you feel in a state of pause and reflection from your life. An assessment of you now, and what’s going to be, in the next chapter. Let’s cross our fingers.

RUBY LEMON – Reflections of Heaven

A solo musician from Fukuoka Japan making dreamy electronic-pop with a fantastic or possibly even psychedelic glimmer floating around the edges. The track features a laid back beat and phosphorescent synthesizer tones to create a both modern and classic feel. In her own way, she offers best traditions of musical goddess & songstress Róisín Murphy, with a pinch of Macy Gray, at certain points of the her vocal expressions. Evocative, inducing, intoxicating, and mysterious to what’s going to happen next. Ruby Lemon’s music and inspiration come from a deep tradition of independent, DIY artists both in Japan and abroad. Breaking from the idol mold, we’re just fabulously glad to be acquainted with ‘Reflections of Heaven’. Ruby Lemon really floats like a butterfly, and stings with vibrance. Word.

adult daughter – plains of blood

Said Sufian of adult daughter: “‘Plains of blood’ is a song I wrote with my lover in my last hypomanic phase while I was in treatment and my life was coming apart at the so called seams. Can grief turn into hope? What do we lose when a part of our ‘self’ is over? What grows in its place?” The slick and the plain, gather together at the dance of dances; at the edge of normalcy and dependence. Ripe with indignation, the personal parody and theater act starts in earnest, as the worlds within worlds don’t seem to fit together any longer. In that moment of panic and unadulterated independence from reality, you realize your fate. Nothingness seems too full. Love feels as meaningful as a glass of milk. White is not bright any longer. Black is a dimension, of complexities and the mysterious. Confusion and desperation sets you apart from any other being – at this second. But hope is on your side. If you want to live, that is. Will you?


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