Jacknifee Lee ‘I’m Getting Tired’ (feat. Earl St. Clair + Beth Ditto) : Fulfill with utter luxury and sonic vision.

Jacknife Lee

‘I’m Getting Tired’ features on an album, ‘The Jacknife Lee’, which releases on June 26th. The album brings together a trans-continental cast of co-conspirators, from across the worlds of indie, electronica, hip-hop, and Afrobeat. Artists including Sneaks, Aloe Blacc, Genesis Owusu, Beth Ditto, Earl St Clair, Haviah Mighty, Petite Noir, Muthoni Drummer Queen, Bibi Bourelly, Barny Fletcher and Open Mike Eagle all feature with fantastic contributions.

The single is an impactful and gripping piece of work with an atmosphere of fevered intensity. Accompanying the single is an engrossing video that arrives peppered with slogans and news headlines, with viral videos cut up between footage of rioting and unrest, influencer culture and natural disasters.

Said Jacknife: “I’d become obsessed with ‘Attica Blues’ by Archie Shepp from 1972. The intensity is relentless. It’s for the head, heart and feet. It has dissent imbedded in its DNA. I wanted to reach even a little bit of that when I started this track. Earl St Clair has an incredible voice and came over to the studio to hang out. We ate, listened to some records including Attica Blues and then I played a beat I had. He wrote some words, sang and yelled on it and it became “I’m Getting Tired”. He captured the frustration and exasperation we were feeling with what was happening in the States.”

The looping and seemingly chacophonic angle of the song, dillutes nothing in the efforts to fulfill with utter luxury and sonic vision.

“I’d been working with Beth Ditto for a while,” She has one of the most soulful voices of our time. I’m a crazy fan of her voice… all punk gospel wildness. I didn’t want to ask anyone that I was producing to be on the record because I didn’t want to blur any lines and my original idea was to work with people I didn’t know and then I thought she would turn this into something really, really special. And she did.


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