Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume ‘Love Child’ : Squeezes your sentiments for a wistful and delightful trek.

Jackson Bruck / Photo: Garrett Hargis

The rolling anticipation of this feel good folk-rock single ‘Love Child’ produces honesty of truth and vigilance. A decadent anthem for love and love’s sake and a dedication to one and only, for whom can give you meaning in this harsh life.

“‘Love Child’ was written after a weekend spent with someone who has been a long distance love for many years,” said Jackson. “When the conversation at the end of the weekend turned towards the feelings we have for each other, she began to cry and said she couldn’t talk about that now. The song was a way to workout the questions that still lingered within my own mind, as well as a way to say, “I’m still here if that road you’re running ever ends”.

A challenging role for any musician to pull off the equally dense vibes of genuine pangs, Jackson Bruck’s imaginative expressions pour on the charm. The giddy exhalations of a heart, longing in the most desperate way, is delivered in the most calm and vibrant undertones.

The Nashville based artist and band squeezes your sentiments for a wistful and delightful trek.

In early 2018, ‘The Dukes of Hume’ was born. The outfit’s upcoming debut album, ‘The Golden Road’ is set to release late 2020.


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