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Jackson Dyer // Sean Kennedy // glow! // Cold Engines // e4444e

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Jackson Dyer – Blue

Australian singer/songwriter, JACKSON DYER, sings it like a beautiful bird in ‘Blue’. Simple, finger picked guitar, soaring and controlled vocals, all reflect upon a storied fable in the author’s mind of past and meanings to the present. Jackson stated: “‘Blue’ is a song borne of early mornings and soft shadows before the sun rises. Many of my songs are written before dawn, which I find to be a productive time full of optimism and hope for a day that is yet to begin and is still untouched by the imperfection of the world. I love the clean, crisp morning air and the thought that I’m stealing extra hours from the day.” Conservationist and protector of meaningful moments that are encapsulated in small and short segments of life, Jackson’s ultra-expressive vocal talents speak volumes and it’s all so folk-infectious. Look for even more from this Jackson as the months roll on.

Sean Kennedy – Young & Depressed

SEAN KENNEDY’s ‘Young & Depressed’ is a shimmering track about the young being effected by troubled years, and in the subsequent adult years, the results come roaring back with a vengeance. Sean’s intimacy expressed through his music is profoundly amplified by his intriguing vocal acumen. The folk frame of his work brings layers of intrigue and sadness that is ultimately affectionate and stands the test of time. Malicious intents from the past, are waded through like chapters in a picture album, finely revisited but never really given an opportunity to reveal itself once more. The track’s intent of indicating what those traumas had inflicted, comes at the expense of a promise to oneself of never being defeated by it. Never giving in to the blissfully comforting feelings that haunting memories can oddly offer. But battles are fought every second, and there’s no way of predicting the victories to come.

glow! – If It Were Me

Can it be that it’s over? Can it be that this is inevitable? Can it be that all of this was a lie? GLOW!’s single ‘If It Were Me’ is an impending question mark in the efforts to dodge the urgings of a relationship and the promiscuities that impinge on such latent feelings. The story of this and that, between she and he, throws a wrench off of a building to crack open a subtle vision to how we humans deal with a painful subject. The avoidance of it all is warranted, but never advised. Let it fester, than it will make you cry. Let it be ripped out now, you’ll be devastated. It’s always hard to manage such delicate situations between choices of the lesser-of-evils, but we are prone to selecting a companion – a mate. And in that sense, the bad advice, the crying, and the hurt, will be a foregone conclusion. GLOW! is a San Diego based band, and we think they’re fabulous.

Cold Engines – Shady Lover

Ninety’s rock is deeply embedded in COLD ENGINES. And all of it in the best possible reasons. David Drouin, Eric Reingold, Geoff Pilkington, and Aaron Zaroulis are a fabulous fusion of rock and sentimental contemporary music that gives off an aura of beauty and nostalgia. The gloriously pungent vision of the subtle lovability in ‘Shady Lover’ is a fabulous introduction to a band that is utterly charming. Hooks, swagger, fab vocals, all combine to give this debut single from veterans of the New England rock scene, a sheen that is majestic and delightful. See them next at the Exeter Summer Concert Series in New Hampshire on June 23rd.

e4444e – Streetlight (hide)

“I don’t really know what most of my songs are about…That’s not to say that the lyrics are meaningless. A lot of what goes on in my life doesn’t really make sense to me. I think music gives you a chance to channel out all those feelings that kinda confuse you, whether they be ecstasy or some weird subconscious pulse. It’s not always the lyrics that drive the song’s meaning anyway.” That’s the remarks of e4444e. The artist who brings you the single ‘Streetlight (hide)’ is enigmatic, in his description for his songs, at the least. But just like an artist, e4444e impacts deep with visionary and personal thoughts for aspects of his footprint that interests him. Visual and sonic, the surrounding so his clamoring vocals, tuned to the beat-beat-beat of the electronic drums, accosts your senses and leaves you there at the curb. Talking about his latest EP: “Looking back now I can kinda see how this EP is an attempt to synthesize a few of the different angles I’ve come up with to making music. Uptempo high energy house influenced rhythm music. Slow chords, basic guitar, repetitive vocals. Noisy ambience, long drones. This EP is almost like 12 minutes of those things all mashed together.” e4444e exists in Newcastle, Australia. Word.


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