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Jackson MacIntosh – Lulu

This ‘down and out’ kinda feeling song is by Jackson MacIntosh. It’s called ‘Lulu’. It’s a sultry walk on a warm evening down that river road. You and I, in arms. Holding tight. With no expectation of the near and far future. Smiling.

The full album includes 10 songs where the first of the singles is this beautifully synchronized melody named ‘Lulu’.

To be honest, the song is a ‘heart break’. Well, a mini-heart break. Why? Our hearts, hurt so, when listening to it. Nothing to do with the lyrics and the subject, but the ‘longing’ in the voice of Jackson and the notes, just make it seem like that steak knife is in our chest muscles.

Over dramatic?


Accurate description, pertaining to this song?


But that’s what we do at CHF =D

Jackson’s profile description tells that he is ‘an alien figure to most’. Which makes us want to know ‘why’? Then it goes on to state that he’s from a city called ‘Montreal’ and is part of a ‘fantastic pop music’ industry.

Heck yea!

I surely agree.

  1. ‘Lulu’ is fab.
  2. Montreal is a fab city.
  3. Montreal births awesome bands.
  4. A city where we would always want some Poutine.
  5. All of the above.

Jackson is a vet of the industry and has gone through many scenarios, but doesn’t seem to forget his core and trying to make good music, for the public.

The new album ‘My Dark Side’ will drop February 26th, 2018.

He’s rep’ed by Sinderlyn, working out of Brooklyn.


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