Jaclyn Rachelle ‘I Don’t Care’ : F*ck You. Feel the wrath.

'I Don't Care'

Combining her laid-back SoCal style with futuristic in-your-face fierceness, her tales will remind you that all the fun is had outside of the status quo.

Jaclyn Rachelle is rebel divine. She’s a dark hat super warrior, with a golden heart for justice and truth for man/woman kind.

She’s often fed up with her local arena. She’s often fed up with the un-necessary waste of time from the powers that be.

That may meant that she’ll be pissed at you.

But she’s there. Expressing with open heart and opportunity of embrace for even the ones she despises.

For she’s on your side. Even in the midst of the house burning to a crisp.

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LOL could you imagine #backtothefuture

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