Jacob Jeffries ‘Symphony Of Ending Things Next Door’ : Symphony of sparkle and charms as Jacob’s vocals win you over.

Jacob Jeffries

“My neighbor started coming over more often. We would talk about his marriage – it was falling apart. All I did was lend an ear. One night, inspired by what I heard (and overheard) I sat at the piano and wrote a song about the whole thing… ”

Jacob Jeffries is a songwriter known in the film world as the singing voice behind Teen Titans’ animated lead Robin…and in the TV world as 1/3 of The Cooties (comedy music group featured on Conan & JASH). But what many may not be aware of is Jacob’s journey as a solo performer and songwriter.

In the best traditions of 10CC, Billy Joel and Barry Manilow story of the words, whether standing by themselves or in a group of tipping phrases – combines into a symphony of sparkle and charms as Jacob’s vocals win you over.

Sultry and decadent, standards in heart and aura, shine with beckoning assertions – never more and always for the best.


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