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Jacob McCoy Shares ‘Don’t Blame Me’. “We Were In The Mood.”

We get a bit ‘country’ here in CHF land, sometimes. And when the right ‘mood’ hits, we take out our cowboy boots and starched button ups to do some dancing (which we don’t do very well). Okay. We actually don’t do that kind of thing in the office, but we sure do fantasize about it though. Why? Just because. And when songs like ‘Don’t Blame Me’ come on, there’s something in the air that makes you just ‘wanna’.

“Wanna, what?”

“You know. That.”

“That, what? What are you talking about?”

“You know. Oh, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“I really don’t. What is it that you want?”

As his eyes glossed over like a cartoon character, he looked up into the sky as he explained.

“I want that girl in the tall cowboy hat, and the hearty smile and laughter, to hold my hand and dance! Dance, I say!”

“You’re nuts.”

“Nuts for songs like ‘Don’t Blame Me’, yo!”

“Either way you’re still nuts.”

JACOB MCCOY’s ‘Don’t Blame Me’ is the trip on that long road of a relationship you are in, and will be. We wish you all the best that you can make her happy. We wish you all the best that she can do the same for you.

After all. It’s about the trip in between, no?

It’s like 2,000 miles of crossing the U.S. through plains, mountains, and concrete, but in hindsight it’ll be a great collection of memories.

At least that’s the plan.

In the meantime, dance to Jacob’s offering. It’ll do you good.

And congratulations to Jacob and his wife in starting another chapter in Nashville.



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