Jacob Prince ‘Come Away’ : A layered infrastructure of rhythm and harmony, delights in the sunshine of understated charms.

Jacob Prince

Jacob Prince is a teenager who brings fire in each word he’d captured in his song ‘Come Away’. Describing his work through written letters don’t do his work justice. The only way to vibe and feel his work, is through listening to his Morrissey-esque pop goodness.

“‘Come Away’ is my first official release,” said the talented artist. “The lyrics came to me after I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being detached from friends and the world in general. I felt like I was a silent observer, sounds felt muted. For me hot summer night (and hot holiday, the name of my next single) represent this feeling in a sort of ethereal way. The longest nights of the summer when the heat overcomes you and you can’t think of anything else except the night sky. ‘Come Away’ is a love story written from the standpoint of someone who is overcome with that detached feeling.”

The accompanying music video, simple and light, is cast by Jacob’s honesty and genuine embrace for love and its ilk. A profound revelry for, perhaps, a vision for how we feel at our most loving – and maybe for what we all can be, towards others. A layered infrastructure of rhythm and harmony, delights in the sunshine of Jacob’s understated charms.

Tight production, distinctively Jacob, un-assailably good.

Look for more from the upstart.


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