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Jade Duncan Shares ‘True’. “One or the Other.”

Jade Duncan’s ‘True’ comes to town. And like a breeze, it waft into tall order, jangling of pop couture, and sentimental nothings. A whisper of dark, imaginations, surge through the heart of the protagonist, never fully settled, but never unsettled. A graying of insignificant vagaries, drown out the norms, in the hopes of making this utter none-sense of a world, make sense, somehow.

Smiles, and hugs; revelry and entrapments, condense as the water droplets of the meaningful heart, slip slide down to the crevasses of good thoughts and well wishing.

A detriments of the heroic efforts, of making things better, even behind the sultry stoicism of a hardened heart, weeps a child of crying desperation.

Hold out your hand, as you slip slide like the condensed water droplets, quietly and incessantly.


Lovely production of a song, that seems out of character for Jade. But what do we know. She’s a definition of being ‘one’ or the ‘other’, eh?

‘True’ is off of Jade’s latest EP, ‘Soul Searching’, available now.


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