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Jae Blak // Smoke Screen Visuals // Alex Starling // Animal House // Piqi Miqi

Jae Blak – Red Camaro

Jae Blak is the project of Jessie Adams. And if she plays her cards right, and keeps on producing song like ‘Red Camaro’, she’ll be on the fast track to pop stardom. The relevance is that she’s got the goods. Sensibility and instincts for what a pop song should or could be. Then a voice that is right for the pop pickin’s, draped over a non-tecnical factor that just shimmers and delivers with gusto. Love, hate, confusion, regret – no matter what the subject, from what’s been published so far, definitely indicates the solvency and liquid talent of Jae Blak. Too much? Nope. We don’t think so. Can’t wait to hear more from what Jessie can really do out there.

Smoke Screen Visuals – Skeletons

‘Skeletons’, the debut single for Las Vegas indie band Smoke Screen Visuals, is a dark and ambient mash-up of acoustic instruments and electronic synths with a powerful female vocal. The spooky verse and explosive chorus create a dynamic contrast that keeps the listener engaged through the entire track. The outfit is made of J Boynton and Dustin Turner, joined by Michelle Alomar on vocals. And in this reggae tinged modern pop offering keeps you engaged and singing along to the chorus. Formed in 2018. With nu-metal physicalities and accentuated by Michelle’s vocals, the outfit goes where it wants to go. And they will.

Alex Starling – We Lie To Ourselves

London based singer-songwriter Alex Starling was integral to the early successes of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, before the untimely death of their lead singer, Charlie Haddon in 2010. Alex has now returned with his debut solo single We Lie To Ourselves, produced and mixed by Tim Bran (Aurora, London Grammar). A departure from the synth-led sounds of The Ghosts, Alex’s debut performs like an overture for his new direction with a subtle nod to his past in the pulsing synth bassline. A charmingly melancholic ballad, its Alex’s voice that shines brightest, rich with the emotive honesty of the lyrical narrative and stunningly underpinned by its well-suited production. Alex stated: “The song is about superstitions and looking for signs to help convince yourself a relationship is going well.”

Animal House – Modern Romance

Brighton UK boys Animal House knows how to party. And boy, we like to party. In our minds and heart, the band goes after what is most important in the world. The band is Australian, based in the UK, charming the pants off of the locals, and now across the Inter-webs. Ahead of the release of their self-deprecating debut album ‘Premium Mediocre’ (November 15), Will McConchie (vocals and hips) stated: “Why does everyone on tinder go to Machu Picchu? You can now pay a guide to accompany you up the famous mountain to take photos of you whilst you hike the mountain. Wedding photographers in Los Angeles are now getting more bookings for dating profiles than weddings. It’s all pretty weird, so is this song.” LOL. You cannot, not love this. See this lovable pack of artist next @ Knust Hamburg, November 9th.

Piqi Miqi – Fast Girl

About the video? It’s a “spoof 80s cop dramas in which a grumpy detective is failing to catch a villain, who always happens to be smarter, faster and way better prepared than the clumsy detective. The story takes place in a city terrorized by a bloodthirsty vigilante named Fast Girl, who disguises herself in order lure in her victims, many of whom have committed sex crimes, or conspire with those who do so. Piqi Miqi plays a detective who walks in a bloody murder scene where both victims were shot and castrated. That’s when he realizes it’s time to take down the vigilante ‘Fast Girl’ once and for all.” But Piqi Miqi’s music career isn’t a spoof. It’s for realz. And with like a ton of talent, humor, and even more talent, Piqi Miqi’s rise to fame is sealed. From all of his materials, the vibrance in production and quality comes off and is felt right away. Expert at his craft, the pop provocateur is a chameleon with a million things running through his talented head of his. Let’s see where he’ll lead us next.


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