Jaguar Sun ‘Those Days’ : Coalesce into a mountain of supple notes and lyrical possibilities.

Jaguar Sun

“‘Those Days’ is a bittersweet remembrance of old relationships and nostalgic summer trips. It’s a song about holding onto old memories just long enough before you let them go and move on.”

Solo project of Chris Minielly, it’s a sumptuous envelopment of waves and shimmer, where vocally, atmospheres in abject obsession and fear and contrasts, dance in harmony. A trek of empathy and unobtrusive guilty pleasures, coalesce into a mountain of supple notes and lyrical possibilities.

The Ontario based artist allows his instruments to speak equally to his voice urging listeners to get lost in richly layered guitar lines and deep droning synths. Chris is currently set to release his debut LP ‘This Empty Town’ in the summer 2020.


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