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Jai Wolf Shares ‘Your Way’ feat. Day Wave. “Dream a little pastel dream with me.”

Visions come with a sweep of adrenalin and reverts back into that massive past, as the relationship crumbles and nostalgia takes hold. Once more, it is the pain that sometimes makes things more real. It’s the comfort of knowing that the only meaning in life, is through the inner turmoil felt, over and over. The scars are fresh, with oozes of disdain, remorse, detriment, anger. The acceptance of accepting, is the prequel to it all.

It’s hard.

JAY WOLF’s dream-pop electro offering of ‘Your Way’ is a refreshing breeze of angst, presented on that pastel of sunshine and maybe, just maybe, a future worth planning.

JW’s debut album ‘The Cure To Loneliness’ will drop April 5th.



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