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Jailz Beatz // Daniel Esrich // POSH // Julian Wasserman // Brian Bradley

Jailz Beatz – Supernova

Japanese Rapper a.k.a Jailz Beatz brings a mix of alt-EDM and house based elements that exude psychedelic OST pop tendencies. And it’s crazy. It’s manic. It’s ridiculous. And it’s glorious. A jumping jack of ups and downs, collapse at the heart of sanity and the profound collage of beat-memes keep you on your toes a all times. No sitting for you!

Daniel Esrich – Night

Off of his debut EP ‘After Hours’, DANIEL ESRICH, delights with his single ‘Night’. The synth driven dream-scape conjures up the magnanimously intrusive notions of love and what it means to just, be. The song catapults you into a dark and sultry make up of nuance and decadence. And as you caress your lover, you notice, it is the night that envelopes you the most – warm, poignant, seductive.

POSH – Segmentation Fault

Rub-a-dub-dub. What do you get when you cross juicy beats with juicier bass. You can get something like POSH’s single ‘Segmentation Fault’. This slightly off the beaten path trap/dub inspired EDM cross-over of sorts, depict without pretense, and just keeps driving towards the sun. Oh boy, that sun is hot to the touch. Grazing back story, is made grittier by the rotating drills of monster sounds in this single. Layers abound as POSH plays with the dials, as he plays with out emotions. Well done, indeed.

Julian Wassermann – Guard Ft. Yates

“When I recorded the first parts and initial chords, I knew this had the potential to turn into something very special.” JULIAN WASSERMAN stated. “It felt like I had to work on a different beat structure to what I typically do in my other productions. I ended up sending my first idea to Yates, and he was quick to respond with his first vocal recordings. His idea really captured the mood of my instrumental and gave it a whole new meaning” ‘Guard’ is a beautiful single. And the way it has been produced in this version, it balances between electro-pop and danceable EDM. Any version, that exists now or in a remix later, will be gorgeous as it always will be. Julian is known for his big DJ sets and productions. clubs, festivals across Germany has been his thing as he continues his expanse towards Europe and beyond. More releases have been planned with Warner Music Germany throughout 2019.

Brian Bradley – MPLS 2029

From his childhood to the dreams of forthcoming and unrelenting ambition for his music, the Minneapolis native tries to capture the essence of his self-assured enlightenment, up against the trepidations for the road ahead. He’s always been different in his approach. He’s determined to keep it that way.
Off of his EP ‘Youth In Retrograde’, ‘MPLS 2029’ is a futuristic peek into a past of longing, without the pressures of looking forward. A complex dichotomy, where nothing really matters, but the here and now.


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