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Jaime Deraz // JohnT // Marcus Santoro & Sentinel // Todeskino // Frantik Krantik

Marcus Santoro & Sentinel – Shine

Australian producers Marcus Santoro and Sentinel team up for their debut on Protocol Recordings with “Shine,” a progressive gem that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. With Santoro’s signature blend of big-room, trance, and progressive sounds, the track possesses a unique sound comprised of sumptuous melodies, soft yet bouncy basslines, and soulful vocals.

Jaime Deraz – oteWatch You Leave

Prone to heartbreak, Jaime Deraz is a singer/songwriter who crafts her lyrics based on real life experience, and raw emotion. She captures each moment through picturesque language and a sorrowful cadence. Watch you leave embodies the heartbreaking feeling of losing someone you love, to another city. The drop directly mimics the chaos and anger that results from a break up of this sort. Muffled vocals paired with a heavy brass section result in a one of a kind track that will leave listeners emotionally conflicted. Jaime debuted her first single My City in 2018 alongside DJs Barkley and Lanna on Swiss-based label Sirup Music, home to DJ talent to the likes of EDX and Nora En Pure.

JohnT – Take it from me

Like a ride through winter wonderland, this addition from JohnT comes with bells on and it’s totally cool. A trance-house blend, it rips apart the sanity of the now, and let’s you rebuild with vibes of the world supporting you. The constance is decadent, with top shelf production and attention to the fore. In the continued process of publishing new music throughout 2019, JohT, Marseilles, France based artist, brings ‘Take It From Me’, so that the rhythms can take our hearts away in drenched dance sweat and vibin’ axioms. Through and through, the skies are not the limit, as the space of song and excitement curdles within.

Todeskino – I Never Want To Be Dead Forever

Debut EP comprises of 4 ambient tracks. Propelling and compelling, it’s a trek into the marshes of dreamlike warmth and synthesizer radiance. Combined with lo-fi field recordings and other subtle SFX that help your mind to get on a nostalgic trip back to sweet and melancholic childhood memories, Todeskino’s latest brings joy in the most minimal and most substantive. The blank slate of the mind, is extended into the vibes of the forgiver. Truth comes about and when the journey ends, it shall end with a calming confidence of the child’s heart.

Frantik Krantik – Distance

“This song is a marriage of dream pop with ambient electronica,” said Krantik. “This song is essentially a philosophical enquiry about the concept of distance and its effect on relationships. I wrote this song when I had left from Glasgow to Sydney and its about all that baggage that comes with the limitations of time and space between people. My influences include Bonobo, Dauwd, Ninja Tune and like minded left field artists. I guess emotionally the sound is very Frantic , at points it is euphoric and in the next minute it becomes heartbreaking almost like a Wong Kar Wai movie.” Frantik Krantik is Krantik Banerjee, and his songs are of travel, imagination, and a mix for posterity and devotion. He’s a collector of dreams and expresses them in his music. Vibe.


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