Jake Pinto ‘Home’ : Revels in the thought that we all can have a hand in turning all those things around, for the good of all.

Jake Pinto

Home is the sophomore single from Jake Pinto. Rock, pop, country – Jake’s revelry through his vision of the world, filters down to the heart of a soul. A soul of which observes injustice, unfair institutions, and the overall frailties of our said society. But through his music, Jake deems those ‘fixable’ and revels in the thought that we all can have a hand in turning all those things around, for the good of all.

‘Home’ is a song of truths. It’s the ‘home’ of where your goals lie. It’s the ‘home’ of conviction and trust. It’s the ‘home’ of your family and friends, and all that comes along. At the end of the day, ‘Home’ is what we fight for, and struggle everyday to get-to.

Jake wants to take that journey together with you.

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‘Home’ is out today on all listening platforms. ❤️ Link in bio. 👆thoughts below 👇  Home is one of the first songs I ever wrote and the bones of this track were recorded 6 YEARS ago in 2014 at Cornelia Street Studios…in a very different moment of time for me and for the world. I had planned to release this song as part of the first The YeahTones EP in 2015 but eventually I felt it was not appropriate for that bands aesthetic so I shelved it. Over the years I continued to rework and record different parts but mostly forgot about it until a couple years ago, when I played it for Mark Chipello and some friends who's enthusiasm inspired me to take it to the finish line – and I'm so happy I did.  This is a happy song, from a happy time – I know it doesn't really reflect the moment we're in right now – it certainly doesn't reflect the pain, anger, and frustration that I'm feeling these days.  But I do still believe music can be a powerful emotional healer and If this song can bring three minutes and forty nine seconds of joy into your life today/this weekend that would make me very happy.  Thanks to everyone who still supports my art and artists in general and let's keep fighting for justice for our black sisters and brothers and all the underserved people in this country.  Massive gratitude for everyone involved in the creation of this work: @instamiles @michael_harlen @me_lo_deez @tylerkaneshiro @salcedomusic @nadav_trombone @moonglowband @future_sounds_nyc @john_fatum @mfatum @patricksargent @aldenhm  📸by Dalton Gaudin 

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