Jakob Leventhal x Sarah Jarosz ‘Greenwich Village Ghosts’ : Gorgeous methods of mourning and celebration.

'Greenwich Village Ghosts'

Jakob’s Leventhal returns with his first release since his album, ‘Oh, So Bittersweet!’. A debut record that Elton John called “One of the most beautiful records (he’s) ever heard”.

With Sarah Jarosz beautifully complimenting Jakob Leventhal’s lyrical expressions, ‘Greenwich Village Ghosts’ delights in the ho-hum deluge of the everyday and its absolute significance of beauty and delight. Never forgetting the grace each slice of being, the protagonist weeps with pride and regret, mixing into a sultry culmination in gorgeous methods of mourning and celebration.

‘Greenwich Village Ghosts’ is love – even when it’s so delicately messy.

So good, indeed.

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I have a new EP coming out in the near future titled "Greenwich Village Ghosts", and a single from the EP coming out sooner featuring my very talented friend @sarahjarosz . All money from the EP will be donated to @blklivesmatter national to help fight police brutality and other atrocious systematic issues. This new EP has received such praise from friends: "Jake please turn this off, this is the saddest song I’ve ever heard – I’m literally driving, I will crash if im crying this hard i can’t see the road" and "oh you rhymed New York with morgue, now we can also stop writing sad songs because you won." And my personal favorite from Elton John: "Jake are you okay? Do you need to talk? What’s going on?"

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