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Jakob Ogawa – All Your Love

Throughout our lives (one has to agree) there are many times that we go with our ‘gut’. Or to put it another way, there are many times when one says to him/herself “there’s something to this…”

Think about it a bit. The phrase “there’s something to this..” This phrase is saying that this particular situation, item, space, person, skill – has some sort of “Je ne sais quois” – an ‘infectious’ factor that just quite can’t be put to words.

Jakob Ogawa’s “All your love” depicts just that – at least to us at CHF.

Lyrics are good, sincere, compact, direct. However, the kicker is Jakob’s voice and his decision of how he wanted the voice to be produced.

The appropriate “slurring” of his consonents are gold. On purpose or not, it just fits.

And Lego-ing the other parts of the song with the gentle instrumentation and synth – we say it’s a fab song.

Je ne sais quois? Non. Je ne sais WOW!



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