James Bourne ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ : First taste of James’s upcoming debut solo album.

James Bourne

Full of timeless singer-songwriter vibes along with elements of country and soul, the laidback ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ is a sweet statement of making music for the love of it rather than any associated drama, rivalry or competition.

James Bourne is one of the most successful songwriters of his generation. Starting with his arena-conquering success with Busted, James has scored five #1 smash hits, several Top 10 singles and achieved multi-Platinum album success with Busted, McFly and the Jonas Brothers. His flair for a killer hook and an immediately addictive melody has also resulted in him writing songs for artists as diverse as 5 Seconds of Summer, The Vamps, Backstreet Boys, Mel C and Pixie Lott.

“In a time of great uncertainty and division, out of all the songs on my album I feel this is the one to naturally come first. It’s exactly the kind of song that people need to hear right now.”

The single represents the first taste of James’s upcoming debut solo album.

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