James Constable ‘Maria, Let Him Go’ : Taking the blinds off of the gray of relationships. Takes guts sometimes and an awakening.

James Constable

Effervescent and innocence, the indie rock positivity in James Constable’s single ‘Maria, Let Him Go’, takes you on a course that will fill you with love and warmth.

“This song was written in January 2020, and was recorded from March to September 2020, alongside other song that will be released on the future album ‘Tui’,” said James. “The meaning of this song is basically what it says of the tin; the singer is trying to convince their friend, Maria, to let go of an abusive boyfriend.”

A second chance at love. A second chance to believe. The world is better when there are less impediments than otherwise.

Taking the blinds off of the gray of relationships and its ilk, takes guts sometimes and an awakening.

James’ embrace of ‘Maria, Let Him Go’, is exactly the prescription, needed.


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