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James Crowley // Renwick // Anna Weibe // Sad Boys Club // jakson

James Crowley – Float

Debut EP will drop from wonderfully descriptive vocals of JAMES CROWLEY. And one of the singles is ‘Float’. On the surface a leisurely stroll through the grassy lands, of the mind. There isn’t much to this thing, but as sure as you think it has nothing else to offer, the deep and enigmatically suggestive vocals come about unassumingly from James’ mouth. The words dilute, none, and as it comes at one, two, three, the vigor of the amassing insistence of the song, hits you at the core. A realization of what of versus of ‘a tried and true’ of the lingering paths, we never take, and loves of pragmatists, never wanting more. There is frenetic chaos in James’ voice. But the balance between the destruction and recovery, soothes our senses, to a glorious sleeps of feelings. Quite right.

Renwick – I Heard Your Song

RENWICK is 21 years old Harry Moulston and it seems that he brings talent which has very little limitations. Our feature on his single ‘That’s How It Goes’ is: “It’s dang good. Boppy, funky, disco-y, bedroom-poppy, and from head to toe..” Yep. From head to toe. His repertoire expands even further into the surreal and the vapid space of non-committal soundscapes in ‘I Heard your Song’. And this is ALSO ‘dang good’. But that goodness comes from different universes and that is why we dig Harry and his sensibilities. The drop of emotive vocals, wrestles you away from the real world for a moment and is kicked into higher gears, as you reel in a dancey circumstance, you weren’t ready for. Bass, marching snare, ethereal beauty of RENWICK’s voice – can’t go wrong at any level. Harry is based in Sydney, making it happen.

Anna Weibe – Fortune

When ANNA WEIBE sings her songs, she graces the picture painted pages she’d constructed. The warmth of her voice, is greatly influenced by the magically majestic rebellion of her vocals. Deliciously, she digs at the premises and ironies, in the hopes of depicting the malice or the intransigent, via her aesthetic glow. Understated but emphatic, ‘Fortune’ brings exactly that kind of ‘glow’ that is so very, and easily, captured for pause. Anna hails from Guelph, Ontario and she is deep and fluttering, as the wind blows our sensibilities down a path of textures and pastel passivity. Included in her upcoming full length album ‘All I Do Is Move’ (Summer 2019), Anna continues her trek through this world of ours, sharing her thoughts and feelings of wanton manifestations, in the physical and of the meta. She moves on, leaving trails of delight. Will you?

Sad Boys Club – Chic Chic

SAD BOYS CLUB is made up of Jacob Wheldon, Tom MacColl, Jake Chatterton, and Pedro Caetano Leite. And they’re here to steal your heart. The British new-wave ensemble takes the best of the best, and keeps the smoldering fevers close to the language of love. Their love. Their brand of love. And it’s the calm and delicious reliance of such subjective clamor that we, as human beings, dig this single ‘Chic Chic’. It is of utter simplicity in emotions, told with the flagrance of the unperturbed, and with the pop moxie we hold dear in admiration. The Northern Londonshire based band rolls with life’s punches, as they dashingly clip off the serrated edges, and smooths out for another kiss. As we all blush, we keep the feelings a big secret – but dancing with the honesty of our immutable longings. SAD BOYS CLUB’s EP ‘Yeah People Talk But You’ve Forgotten How To Live’ drops November 2nd.

jakson – guilt

In a voice, pitched as a drone-like sadness, jakson sings. He talks. He displays. And as he speaks, our own hearts ‘sing’. A trigger has been turned upwards. A trigger has been clicked inwards. With hyper soft veneration of chords slip through the cracks of your listening defensive walls, the words dissolve. Dissolving into the crevasses in the expectations of what it was exactly, on that day. But from the contrasts of the silly, and normal parody, an unremitting horror of honesty pours out of the near 7 minute single. Why is that? Why did this happen? What does this mean? When the day comes to a close and when an ‘ordinary day’ comes to its constructed end, ‘Guilt’ collapses onto our chests, pushing out the air of understanding, and dizzyingly procures the madness of our own personal making. ‘guilt’ is a beautifully made song. It flows with the ‘oddity’ of it all, but it builds and builds and builds to a place we never wanted to admit to being in existence. jakson is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter with a talent for being a true artist. The moods, cultivating vicariously via his words and lyrical developments, cringe into silky conformity, framed deliciously with the classic guitar harmonies. A seemingly simple tune, is anything but. Said jakson: “‘guilt’ follows a narrative loosely based on a Raymond Carver short story, tackling themes of masculinity and violence.” ‘guilt’ is a song that caught us off guard. We’re glad it did.


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