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James Deacon // Ego States // Uffie // KEV // Link Lewis

James Deacon – Son Of Apollo

JAMES DEACON said: “This track means a lot to me lyrically because I struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse for a long time and managed to get sober and writing this song allowed me to go back to that dark part of my history and appreciate how far I’ve come since then. The imagery I tried to create with the lyrics is one of a drug-induced party filled with fake friends and peer pressure and most importantly drugs.” The Johannesburg based singer/songwriter looks at his ‘past misdemeanors’ with the caveat of what’s happened to come this far. See this smoothness next at Plushy Fest 2019, Gauteng, South Africa September 7th.

Ego States – Thats Just Life

Brit-rock band, EGO STATES, comes with ‘That’s Just Life’. A drenching of pop is soaked to the base, and with the firm aroma of indie-rock, the fun is just the start. “Lyrically the song grasps the end of a relationship when moving on becomes a reality, but you are still constantly reminded by the moments you spent together. Certain songs, places, phrases; take you back to a happier time and an individual can find themselves in a state of confusion with their emotions becoming distorted due to their love breakdown. When recording the track, we wanted to capture the essence of Mersey-beat, so we decided to record at the George Martin Studio, Liverpool. The track flows with retro influence throughout, with Brit-rock guitar tones reminiscent of XTC to the rich backing vocals of The Beach Boys; as well as using contemporary production techniques to create a crossover of musical generations.” See them next in Leeds at Lending Room, September 14th.

Uffie – Mine

Yep. You know her. You’ve seen her. You’ve felt her presence. UFFIE, the French-American producer/artist came back strong this year after a near decade of new material. ‘Tokyo Loe Hotel’ the EP dropped and the ball of energy has amassed the momentum right out of the box. ‘Mine’ is one of those songs included, and as the artist to sprang into the public scene in the 2000s, with ‘Pop The Glock’, has it continuing with new and alternative pop-rock anthems. What will be next for her in the new year? We’ll just have to find out.

“YOU” is about the relationship between two people,” said KEV. “It’s incredible, and scary, how much one single word, look or choice can be so crucial in specific situations. These are the situations I wanted to explore…” We’d stated about KEV and his work as: “…that caramel of deliciousness… with soothing synth worked around the beauty of his vocals, the dance inducing capitalization for a love now, and forever, comes to life.” The Halmstad, Sweden based artist blooms whenever and however his songs are presented. Beauty is abound in KEV’s works. KEV added: “It’s all about four songs with different contexts, but between two people. That’s why the EP is called ‘YOU’ – because I realized that it was all a story told from one person to another.”

Link Lewis – Sugar Lips

“It was honestly so much fun writing this track. I decided to challenge myself and see if I could write and record a song in 2 days… ‘Sugar Lips’ was the result!” commented LINK LEWIS. “Some of the best songs of all time have been the simplest – less can be more. Once I’d started putting the bass line and the percussion parts together, I realised didn’t need much more musically. The song is about being incredibly attracted someone and not being able to take your hands off them. Making any excuse you can to sneak away and have a bit of fun – that typical passion of young love.” Pop and soul, the UK singer/songwriter keeps the proverbial heat high and in charge with this blues dipped, guitar driven single. You wanna get up and snap your finger to the beat? By all means. See LINK LEWIS next at 360 Club in Leeds UK, on October 18th.


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