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James Holden ‘Animal Spirits’: Earthbound spirits got nothing on this one.

James Holden expanded his band to James Holden & The Animal Spirits. Then he announced that he’s about to drop a brand new album.

No way bro!

Yea, way!

Ok, anyway, Holden is set to drop ‘The Animal Spirits’ on November 3rd, 2017.

Like many, we’d only been exposed to ‘Pass Through The Fire’ and ‘Each Moment Like The First’ and now, ‘Animal Spirits’, so far. And just like this song, the songs are mix of weighted synth and melodic immersive aero-future-winds, flowing up against your hair.

It’s good stuff.

Anywho, as said the new one is dropping in November 3rd.

In the meantime, should be get trippy with this latest video, shall we?


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