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James Levy // Clyde Park Avenue // Damien Martin // F-uki // Jordan Sommerlad

James Levy – NYC (feat. Mickey Raphael)

“NYC is a song about abandoning a dream that you were too foolish to realize had already abandoned you,” stated James Levy. “I wrote the song right before I left New York. I moved to Nashville where we recorded the album with local musicians that Paul Defiglia knew. I wanted to make something that felt real, human, organic. It’s a breakup album; It’s the most personal record I’ve made.” Long term relationships, aren’t just about saying good-bye to another. It is about breaking up with the moments that intermingled and sustained each party to the fullest (or at the least) for the duration. Old baggage fell away, as the new union made new ones; old sadness and happiness made their mark, as a new forging of minds and heart were being constructed together. Then, one day, it’s over. No more to give or take. “I love this track and I’m proud to be a part of it,” says Mickey Raphael. “Its cool and just dark enough. To me, this record connects Nashville with NYC.” Kudos James, on the next continuation of being. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Paul Defiglia (Avett Brothers), this song features Mickey Raphael on harmonica. This release follows James’ collaboration with Charles Bradley and prior releases made with Julian Casablancas and Coldplay member Guy Berryman.

Clyde Park Avenue – Paradigm

From their EP ‘Blue Flower’, the pop rock gang from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Clyde Park Avenue, relieves stress and let’s you take off in a new and wonderful dreams in wonderland. With vibrant energies pouring out of singer Nathan Conroy, along with his creative bandmates, David Schrock and Christian Storms, the days are bright and the nights are long with only one focus: fun. From inter-dimensional sacrifices to having that alone time with the beautiful girl you have next to you, the world seems pretty big and at the same time, delicate to the touch. ‘Paradigm’ is a fun natures guitar driven single that emphasizes YOU. And when the trio makes a firm sense of accommodation, you better be boppin’ and hollerin’. For the party just starts when Clyde Park Avenue drive up cross talks and delivers the goods. Let’s all feel a bit younger and never-in-doubt prouder with ‘Paradigm’.

Damien Martin – Skinned Knees

Loaded with worth of self determination, the buzzing overview of ‘Skinned Knees’ is a song of betrayal, potential mis-understanding, aroused by an unknown premonition – encapsulated by tragedy of the mind. The heart, delivers in liquids of life and benevolence. The mind renders the world for reality and textures. But sometimes, those that assist, goes awry, and the REAL reality is no longer valid. You’re stuck here, alone, drowning in the sauce of fear and antagonism. Damien Martin’s growl, is that anxiety brought to bear witness by us.

F-uki – Fly Way

F-uki (Fuki) is Japan based music composer, singer-songwriter. ‘Fly Way’ is many things, but it ain’t ordinary. The pop framed extravaganza is a confetti of many colors and hues, conjured into shapes of all sorts of shapes. ‘Fly Way’ is, at effect, a song you can find in a decades past, with filled sentimentality, while shapeshifting its spots from here nor there. Not much is known about F-uki, at least from this side of the Pacific, but from the singles he’d produced through the past years, the willingness to expand and contract through form and function of musical burdens, we hope we get to hear more of the quirk and inventions from F-uki. We think the veteran music maker has a lot to say through his music.

Jordan Sommerlad – I Did, Did I?

“‘Your Favorite Palindrome’ (Jordan Sommerlad’s debut EP), which owes it’s title to one of the lyrics in this song. It came together shortly after buying my first analog synthesizer, and playing around with dirty arpeggiators and pitch bending pads. Vocally I really pushed the range, going for a mediative melody that never repeats on top of the constant pluck of the instrumentation.” We’d reviewed his single ‘Hiding in the Walls’ a year ago. In that time we’d been enamored by Jordan’s offering, that we went all poetic and screen play-ish in the writing of the review. This time though we’re trying to restrain ourselves from doing that again, ‘I Did, Did I?’ really makes it hard for us to manage our nature. Succumbing to the weather of solace, the trail winds displayed by Jordan’s arctic vocals, chill the vast steppes into submission, with empathy and parental warmth. The ups and downs of the electronically central thrust, works delicately with the falsetto to make a cosmic vibe that glean over to the side of revelry. There we tried. But Jordan’s single wins again. See Jordan next @ O’Brien’s Pub in Boston, December 1st.


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