James Mcq ‘Westgate’ : A pull and push of demons and desires. Which will be your salvation, today?

James Mcq

“The song echoes the magnetism of life on the road, contrasted with addictions and the isolations of living in the city,” said James Mcq. “The characters are self-destructive but maintain elements of hope.”

‘Westgate’ has been with James and for his fans for a long while. But it’s a song that never can go aways, once you’ve listened to its beauty.

Resting on nothing but the sustenance of life’s dewy goodness, the adventure of one’s burning desires, are written into lore as James’ gorgeous lyrics bounce off the galaxy of youth, inquiry, and adventures in hard fought lessons. A tale of a person, striving for better, but always pulled from the dark and the gray. The hero of this road journey, begs on forward and is a work of a person, knowing nothing – but in sum, knowing much more than any other.

‘Westgate’ is that chime of shine and poetry that beckons a visceral reaction from your heart. Within a world of malcontent, there can be better, just over the horizon. Positive nihilism, pot marks our everyday. A pull and push of demons and desires. Which will be your salvation, today?

Enjoy James’ gift to the world. It’s an undeniable triumph in song.


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