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James Reynold // Dan Bereza // Satellite Mode // Terje Torkellsen // RVBY MY DEAR

James Reynold – Goodbye Hobart

JAMES REYNOLD consumes a part of your indignant corners of your impending soul. The open handed empathy flows in a sun-splashed and melancholic state of affairs in his single ‘Goodbye Hobart’. The indie-folk offering is a 6 minute stroll on that rolling green hill. It doesn’t feel like the minutes it colors. And the mural is long, grand, and shows off the inner heart’s real truths about love and passions. Passions in what could have been, realized by the winds of the world. She stakes her regulations, as she holds his hand, underneath, as they walk up the hill – that green rolling hill – of life’s gentle challenges, difficulties, spotted by the good and the forgiving. They kiss in their satisfaction of what had gotten them to here and now. Jame’s song is a striking single that belongs on a cinematic theater. The slight shiver of honesty in his voice, to the genuine boldness of humbleness in his strums, tell of stories within stories. Beautiful and delectable, indeed. Let’s all look for more from the talented artist.

Dan Bereza – Goodbye Summer

A fleeting flash of memories make DAN BEREZA’s single ‘Goodbye Summer’ more poignant. Don’t we want to be back? Way back in the heat of the glorious summer of our dreams? Farmer’s tans, and Slushies, with sand in between the toes and her fingers intertwined between your fingers – what a stretch of months. Can that kind of straight forward goodness, come around again? And the Ottawa based artist wants to guarantee that it does. With debilitatingly succulent guitar licks, the clean vibes of a soulful and chill realization, thrive and drives in ‘Goodbye Summer’. Easy breezy, and heck of a lot of fun.

Satellite Mode – Kissing In Photographs

Jessica Carvo and Alex Marko are the founding members and in their latest ‘Kissing In Photographs’ the dainty and sweet notes of the song, drive out of their shells, bombarding the senses with a slow chisel in synth draped soundscape. Where you are in the middle of the song, is where you began in the far off reaches of that little Universe you called, ‘You’. There’s only one of those in the whole of existence, and you’d better take care of it. Social media is a large chunk of our day to day lives, whether we like it or not. And showing parts of us is a promotional necessity, even in our private accounts. For, our mask grows in significance, as we feel the ‘warmth’ of social recognition. The ‘super-star’ within you bursts out and bam – you can’t stop. Well, for a lot of us, anyways. It’s quirky, it’s trippy, and dope – get in and dance your own way through life listening to ‘Kissing In Photographs’.

Terje Torkellsen – Yani Martinelli

Psychedelic and delightful, TERJE TORKELLSEN’s ‘Yani Martinelli’ is a hint at what Terje can bring to the table of music and how it can move forward into the future. The young and talented Norwegian artist grew up in the small town of Vedavågen. Now based in Oslo, he’s in it to win it, as he develops his instinctive style. In this solo project, the subjects cut across many gaps, as the pop music flows out with sophisticated mannerisms and relative expansionism. ‘Yani Martinelli’ holds you like a soft and plush sweater, in a cold winter’s month, ready to snuggle with the one you love. It is the antithesis of the bland, and cynical; the weary and the dumbfounded. Terje wants to add his own spice. Let it shine.


The sound you hear is the beautiful vocals of RVBY MY DEAR. And it is the project of singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gabbi Coenen. It is her project of extraordinary presence of mind and heart, developed over ultra textured pop intervals. And in ‘Draw’, the lyrics are doubly poignant, as a tinge of sound waves of decades past, rise up again from Gabbi’s talented desires. The Perth, Western Australia originating, Brooklyn based artist has a way of depicting a dramatic showdown of a protagonist and the gazing silhouette of an antagonist. The reminder of the guitar work draws us close to the cinematic compositions of a scene colored by Ennio Morricone’s audibly sensitized tension and malaise.


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