James V Shares ‘Blondie’. “Love? A special kind of….”

From the surface, it’s a fetishized amalgam of our secret desires. At the deeper part of the pool, your nose get pricked by the chorine as you mistakenly seek out the meaning of life, while reaching out for the drowned phone by the draine.

JAMES V is some sort of like that in ‘Blondie’.

A cascade of dance moves, a secret panel of judges, and the protagonist looking for the love that he/she is looking for in the cyber drenched world we live.

Dehumanized, ostracized, and maybe just absolutely objectified, we gander at the depth of our human cognoscente and brush away the pains for that moment of glory and fame.

Doesn’t make sense?

Well, you live it now.

No going back.

The fun is intrinsically embedded within JAMES V. A weird and boppin’ one, but fun, none-the-less.

And we think gang wouldn’t have it any other way.

Band is: James Thomer, Daniel Seman, Kirby Ditto, Shannon Cain, and Max Kelly.




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