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JAMES WESSON Shares ‘Magic’. “That Fire Just Caught Sparks Onto The Curtains.”

JAMES WESSON brings some fire in ‘Magic’. That fire just caught sparks onto the curtains, that is made of cotton, then quickly your living room is a basket of red and orange, scorching your outlook.

And yes.

That living room reference was of you brain.

Your brain is on fire.

Your brain is like an egg, that is thrown to the cement sidewalk on a sunny city day.

Crack, crack!

Yep. And there were TWO eggs now cooking on the sidewalk.

‘Magic’ is a fabulous fresh take utilizing the funky samples to maximum effect and emotional tie-ins.

The Toronto based talented artist makes things easy in this latest single. It even made it easier for us at CHF to make references on metaphors.

And sometimes, that is hard to do.

In 2016, he joined the creative label OUTTALINE.

James’ debut project is scheduled to drop 2019.



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