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James Wyatt Crosby // AKES // Jesus Noris // Wildeyes // Yacht Punk

James Wyatt Crosby – Deep In Yr Mind

JAMES WYATT CROSBY is such a talent. We were convinced of this when we heard his music a bit ago. We’re still convinced of that notion, still. This time he come bearing a gift of song with single ‘Deep In Yr Mind’, and the Canadian artist just doesn’t disappoint an iota. The Maisonneuve Music label artist keeps things at ‘arm’s length’ in this particular single, where melancholic flow and hypnotic guitar, cross paths with JWC’s vocal unassuming shimmer. There is no escape from a JWC story, and in his songs, the obvious under-rated extravagance from his musical rapture, floods quite deliberately and deliciously over the plains of your emotions.

AKES – Friend A

Nick Cafiero (electric ukulele/vocals), Joe DeMars (bass), Jack Hogan (guitar), and Dominic Bergamini (drums) make up AKES. Can you hear it? Can you hear the claps, accolades? Can you feel the innovative itch being scratched? That’s what we hear when listening to ‘Friend A’. Call on the new-wave gods, the delectable synth/bass driven beauty of a single, closes on a story of search, catch, and release for the soul. This band has audio engineer, an author, a videographer, and a luthier mixed in. We think that’s a cool way to inject that delicious and whimsical beats that we dig so, in this single. In essence, the new sounds are built in. It’s in the DNA. And we all should scratch this itch.

Jesus Noris – Box Tops

We think JESUS NORIS thought we’d not like his single. But we proved him wrong, and we can state that we dig this little diddy, like a McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry. Yep. That tasty. The foggy vocals, the DIY guitar work, and basic reverbs utilized to put the mood on a smoldering ground fire – ‘Box Tops’ is arguably a soul searching exercise. The dainty chords played at a burning slow temptation, is remarkably fascinating and thorough in its unhinged complexity. So, we reiterate, we like this single. Lots. You should too.

Wildeyes – I Won’t Go

WILDEYES is a beautiful band. With gorgeous vocals to the 70’s country-folk-rock sensibilities simply drape you in love. With a tinge of French baroque irony and tragedy in the lyrics, the soft guitar work sweep you off your feet. The basics of the trio (Daniel and Emily Kohavi and Max Hoffman) is the power that emanates from this band. ‘I Won’t Go’ is tip of that iceberg, with the shimmer of a calm northern Atlantic see, calm with just the horizon to view, your soul mixes in with the thought of a new tomorrow. Even if there’s only a sliver of hope, you stride on, with a deep longing in your heart – bound by an oath. The deep rooted Nashville band elevates your hopes and dreams with this song. What a sound.

Yacht Punk – New Wave Denier

Reclaim your dignity. Reclaim your voice. Driven by an urge to expand and stretch the boundaries unseen, you move to the beat of your own drum. As the pouring negativity hits your soul like a tsunami, you keep your chin up and dig deep into the work ahead. Nothing will keep you from your dreams and goals. There’s a part of your heart that not many have seen. It is your time to show them. And most importantly keep your promise to yourself. “New Wave Denier is about disillusionment and being over mainstream music,” stated Graham Bockmiller. “I wanted to capture the feeling of being young and disillusioned by life, by love, and by current and/or popular music. The sense of being unable to relate to your peers, the sense of searching for something more meaningful, and ultimately finding identity and belonging in the music from a past generation.” An inspirational song. Let’s take it to heart.


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