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James Wyatt Crosby Shares New Single ‘Lemonade (No I Never)’. Dream Away.

JAMES WYATT CROSBY’s first new single since his debut album ‘Twins’. The Toronto based musician takes his sensibilities for the hip 80’s wave elements and drive the melody into the stratosphere of dreamy dance inspirations.

It’s radio pop and club dance, mellowed out into a malaise of past decade renaissance of candied tapestries.

“Let’s go lay out on the roof.”

“Whoa, that was very sudden. Although it is a good idea,” said Maya, as she puffed away at her cigarette.

Enter montage.

The gals were friends from birth. Not really. But from kindergarten. Close enough though. The bond was as close as between two blood sisters. They knew each and everything about themselves. They loved each other like no other.

Now, college was on its ominous way. This was to be their biggest challenge to date, for they’d been accepted to different colleges in different coast of the country.

They didn’t express it. But they were very sad and expected the worst.

“It’ll be alright, Maya,” said Serena, who was always the stronger of the two. “We’ll always be together. Promise.”

Sun bathing on the roof, the two, looked up at the bright yellow sun for warmth and comfort, just like they do with each other. They held hands and puffed away at their cigarettes. Knowing and reassuring themselves for another chapter in their lives.

The lo-fi home-made feel of ‘Lemonade (No I Never)’ brings to the fore, memories not yet decanted in some of us. It’s the dream world that just ‘IS’. The clouds don’t part, unless you wish it to. The shimmering instrumentals guarantee that aspect, and then some.




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