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Jamie Drake – Redwood Tree

“‘Redwood Tree’ is really a song about songwriting,” said JAMIE DRAKE, “it is a joyful homage to the musical collaboration and connection AJ and I have built over the years, and something very special that I am so excited to finally share with the world…Kind of like just swinging with our music / kind of like we’re dancing in the breeze / kind of want to stay here forever / kind of like a big redwood tree…” Charming, soothing, a bit like being in a story like Cinderella, the singing song birds that live in JAMIE DRAKE’s vocals is dynamic and luscious. The ol’ school vibes from this single, is honest and vibrant as anything can be. “So much of day-to-day life is optimistically proceeding as if things are going to work out, contrary to the evidence that things are really falling apart. Yet still we continue to tell ourselves that everything’s fine,” she adds, laughing. “It’s really just my way of lying to myself.” We invite you to love Jamie’s work. It’s wholly worth it.

The Ragtag Roots – 747

The classic vibes of THE RAGTAG ROOTS’ single ‘747’ is a song for the road. Life’s journey. A long road with many bumps and triumphs. The messy world we live through is what we can make of it. But sometimes we just want to get away and get out of this psychotic vice. But we all return, calmer, and appreciative again of the small things in life. And maybe with a bit more smiling along the way too. The rock band, from Zurich, Switzerland is a delightful summation of how our days could be. Or at least a notion to try and get to that golden place in the sun. ‘747’ is an anthem to stick with it. We all should.

The Finger Guns – Go Away

Punk. Rock. THE FINGER GUNS. Can’t we just get along? Nope. Not until you rock out like there’s no tomorrow. With the vital essence of The Sex Pistols, the vibe and the thriving anti-social qualms are replaced with positive ambience and rhetoric. And it’s good timing, for we all need that little jolt of confidence in tackling that bad bad world out there, another day. Energy, excellence, punk-fun. THE FINGER GUNS know what’s up. And they know what time it is. It’s time to rock, so get out the boat if you’re not willing to rock it. The Seattle based band is here, ready to do it.

Evan Mix – The Nights Between Travel

EVAN MIX is a person of bi-pedal expertise. And this soul has been rockin’ in bands since 2006. And from 2011, he’d started his solo recording career. Now in 2019, he’s seeking higher thoughts and methods to dig deeper into our cortex. If you think that there’s not enough bullets by Evan that can have a chance at digging so deep into our souls? Guess again. He’s already published 5 albums. You have zero leverage in this negotiation. ‘The Nights Between Travel’ is one of many from Evan that perplexes, as it helps you start thinking about many things that you’d never, ever thought you’d think about. Oddly, Evan’s works are conduits in some ways, as they are catalysts for many of our nightmares and daydreams. We dig EVAN MIX very much. It’s not mainstream, and not even alternative. The psychelogically heavy torrent of notes are hard to swallow and never easy to absorb. But there they are: interesting, unique, and majestic in their own way. We dig that. Evan is based out of Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

Paradaeis – Dive

PARADAEIS is singer/songwriter ROWAN THORSBY. Rowan stated: “The hum of bees, glossy eyes, hot summer haze, flying high with the butterflies and the thrill of the drop as we dive headfirst into dark water. I don’t want to forget this feeling. What even is this feeling? I felt free to blend contrasting genres and influences (such as folk, synth pop, arabian ryhthms and uk garage) creating a lush soundscape that cocoons the listener with love, reconnecting us with our favourite memories” Poetry? Dark? Ominous? All of the above. Theatric to the edge, medieval in creation, the boundless energies surge out of the vocals of Rowan, driving us insane, with palpable extravagance and musical viracity. Subtle vocals, doesn’t mean there’s a lack of aggression. PARADAEIS’ single ‘Dive’ is aggression, with a smile. And a big stick. Pure angles, loving altruism, and confounding revelry, indeed.

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