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Jamie McDell Shares ‘Worst Crime’. “Fleets with iron battle scars”.

A journey of self definition is of Jamie McDell’s chronically charming single ‘Worst Crime’.

Listless enthusiasms are amplified by this folk duet between Jamie and Robert Ellis. The pogrom detention dates of hearts a-broken, and settled crystals of cemented souls, defy gravity to try and find the bedrock starting point that had existed. A palpitating and gut wrenching wrestling of reason and the un-fathomably emotional, clash to define, once more, what it really means to be loved, to love, to be remembered.

A time capsule of characteristics, shine with fervent agnosticism in ‘Worst Crime’, as it pours its heart out with passion and un-grieving anecdotes.

The New Zealand singer/songwriter has achieved much in her professional career, which started at 16 years of age. With the release of her debut album ‘Six Strings and a Sailboat’, she went on to achieve Gold album sales, receive three NZ Music Award nominations, winning Best Pop Album of 2013. Her sophomore record ‘Ask Me Anything’ gained global attention, seeing album track ‘Moon Shines Red’ featured on American TV series Pretty Little Liars.

Now with her latest followup EP ‘The Botox’, the songstress delves into corners of feelings, thoughts in gratitude. It’s her way, and it fleets with iron battle scars, of remembrances and understandings.

Beautiful sentiments, put on paper, then in audible signatures bearing Jamie’s decadent vocal expressions.



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