Jamie Scott ‘Emily’ : Beauty in the most fundamental.

Jamie Scott

Born and raised in Surrey, he taught himself the guitar at the age of 7yrs and the piano at 12yrs old. His parents introduced him to Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, and he entrenched himself in singer-songwriters such as Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Carol King, and Joni Mitchell.

“When you write so many songs, there are always certain ones that you feel attached to. You never know how long a song will sit around for…”

Jamie Scott’s desire to create songs is inherent and it’s a force not to be taken lightly. A consuming fire for songs, of beauty and understanding, relegates all of the pains of existing, to incalculable buckets of love and acts of loving.

At the end of 2019, having spent over ten years in the studio writing for other people, Jamie decided to take some time to focus on his own career as an artist. Revisiting some of the songs he had fallen in love with, he locked himself away in his home studio, he recorded most of the instrumentation himself and, without really intending to, finished an entire album’s worth of music in just 5 weeks.

“Emily was written with the band, Hudson Taylor,” said Jamie. “I really enjoyed working with them because they’re influenced by the kind of music I grew up on – Paul Simon, Carole King, & Joni Mitchell. So when we wrote it and it ended up just sitting on my hard drive I decided that it’s one I wanted to release myself. It’s a song about love lost and memories but maybe with a little bit of hope that if it’s meant to be…”

Courteously jagged stories of love and loss, softens with the outreaching warmth of Jamie’s creations.

Beauty in the most fundamental.


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