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JAMWS Shares ‘Say You Will’. “As the wheels of time trickles forward.”

JAMWS’s works start at a basic point of departure. Innocence – the tactile situations that remain in our memories and delight as we think about them in our private moments. Understanding the rules, but you just cannot seem to work it out as the wheels of time trickles forward. The angst of everyday experiences, turned from the abnormal, and unique.

“‘Say You Will’ is about the effects of having unlimited access to pornography and my struggle to reconcile my feelings of guilt and desire,” JAMWS. “It’s about me trying to humanise the people I’m watching but also making a lot of unfair assumptions about who they are and why they do what they do.

Continues JAMWS: “I know all my friends watch porn but we don’t talk about it, rightly or wrongly, it doesn’t feel very normalized. The result is that this everyday thing turns into a really shady experience.”

But isn’t that what a human experience is all about?

Everyday is the maintaining of ‘control’ and shielding our psyches from the potential ravages of forces from without. Will life be as quite delicious without the detrimental, and emotionally ‘shady’?

Well, to each his/her own, right?

One thing’s for sure, what’s forged from all the stressed, builds the man/woman you become.

That might be the underlying thought in JAMWS’ single ‘Say You Will’.

And when the swishing bridge of this single whisks you away into wonderland, we can ponder. Let’s get into the ever progressing and heady songwriting from JAMWS.



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