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Jane Bruce – It’s You


It’s You is a beautiful exultation to the love and hearts yearnings, by Jane Bruce. The song is instantly attractive, and one can’t wait to go through it all to the end.

Jane’s voice is beautiful – warm, enveloping, re-assuring.

Her music, speaks to the little hidden cries for knowledge, we sometimes have in our hearts.

Honesty comes through in spades.

Jane currently resides in Queens, NYC, but grew up in Ogden, Utah. Her venturous side, we think, consumed her and looks like she’s trying to make it – trying to make an impact in the big city after graduating college.

Her descriptions of herself is a refreshing delight, and, again, her bright eyed enthusiasm for her art and future endeavors, come in full view – full of life.

That’s an energy, in voice, writing, or in song – that is hard to manipulate.

Her melodic offerings continue throughout her debut EP ‘It’s You’. With bluegrass/folk sensibilities just capture and paint her travels through life, captivatingly.

The overall acoustic EP is a hard one to let go – for we sat there and listened intently to each song and reviewed her words.

It’s a good sign.

Long ago, I wandered.
This time, I’ll go.
Tell them, I’ll be there.
Looking back, for sure.

It’s our sincere hope that Jane will go far in her trek through the music world.

We dig her for her talents and her songs, for us to listen.

Kudos, Jane. Kudos.

Looking forward to more and more of you, in the near future.



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