Jane Holiday ‘All Yours’ : You need to be you, again. You need to be with her again. Forever.

Jane Holiday

Incredibly of the times and of your own possession – the prophetic rhythms and emotions of Jane Holiday’s ‘All Yours’ resets life, as it whirls in chaos. There’s only one truth. And with it, your day becomes easier.. to deal. It affords you that sliver of time to wake up to the fact that you’d changed under the pressures of this game.

You need to be you, again. You need to be with her again. Forever.

“I am obsessed with the idea of characters existing within the musical realm,” Jane admits. “In many ways I have become that person whether I wanted to or not, and the idea of that character has kind of crossed into my life, but there’s something really fun and beautiful about that.”

“‘All Yours’ is a classic tale of unrequited love,” added Jane. “A song about my first real girlfriend leaving for school, and me being so heart broken and willing to stick around and wait her out. Oddly, it worked and we’ve been together for 10 years.”


Jane’s got it goin’ on, and will for a long time. Catch him again.


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