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Jane in Space Shares ‘Breaking Glass’. “Raking & Sawing Their Way To Your Guilty Pleasures”.

Rational words. Empty words. Profound intricacies in manic actions. Random, et al. Rousing speaking engagements started as the music started. Between us, we had nothing to gulf. The gap, though, was as far as the Galaxy. Our Galaxy. Our destitute and disappointing mess of a relationship.

Where had our longing, which was as large and bold as the Sun, gone?

Where had our looks of desperation for each other’s touch, disappeared to?

Why have we become this way?


Weeping at the predicament.

We sweep at our past, just like a thought through a vapid ghost in the corner.

JANE IN SPACE, since 2016’s debut album, has been on the list of bands that have garnered much love from publications. The duo of Jesse Jensen and Tom Vickers have carved out a niche for themselves, in the highest pursuit of engagement and thought provoking ‘dance’ and ‘tribulation’ to their audience and fans.

In ‘Breaking Glass’, the alternative mix duo strips bear the sensibilities of life’s little corner, and filters down to the heart of the matter – whatever that matter of consciousness would be.

It’s a personal preference. But none more poignant.

‘Gorerunner’ is their latest EP publication available now, with 6 singles that can hold their utmost, raking & sawing their way to your guilty pleasures.



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