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January 20 – Civilians, Magana, Pom Pom Squad

Taking place at the Lantern Hall, Civilians, Magana, and Pom Pom Squad will do their utmost best to have you hoppin’ and enjoyin’ some fabulous indie grooves. You can’t lose, for in this show you’ll get mix of indie-pop to indie-rock.

We’d think it’s a great bargain at FREE!

We love the bands who’ll play at this gig. We’re especially big fans of Magana and Pom Pom Squad (for we’d done reviews of songs of theirs).

Anywho. Go visit Lantern Hall 52 Harrison Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11237 – Saturday, January 20 at (8:30 PM-11:59 PM)

  • Kid friendly
  • Free show
  • Kitchen open til 10
  • World class tator tots.

A six-piece band from Brooklyn, CIVILIANS blends together hard rock, jazz, electronic, and funk music in various and disturbing ways, incorporating full horn section blasts, heavy grooves, psychedelic effects, and multiple audience members experiencing acid flashbacks. The band makes orchestrated left turns that puts the audience at the edge of their seat and heavy riffs and grooves that get them off (their seat). CIVILIANS will be releasing their underground EP “Look Cool!” soon and also has a musical called “ALL THE BUGS ARE HUGE!!!” available online.

We’d described her song ‘Inches Apart‘ as: “…a gentle push, a dreamy drive – a song that depicts longing, despair, inconsequential thought processes. We’re sometimes miles away, even though we’re very near. We’re sometimes galaxies different, when sometimes we seem species similar.”

Pom Pom Squad
We’d described Mia’s song ‘Hate It Here’ as: “Please make that egg, scrambled. Yes. Scrambled. Done, so that there’s no running remnants in those pieces. Nicely cooked. Why did you give me over-easy? Pom Pom Squad’s Hate It Here drives home the notion that maybe we weren’t meant to be at the footprint, at that moment in time.”


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