Jaq Havoq ‘Like the Summer’ : Dance and smile. Laugh and love. Jaq wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jaq Havoq

If you can’t bop to Jaq Havoq’s single ‘Like the Summer’, you might have some medical condition to sort =D You like to pop? You like to vibe? You like a little tongue-in-cheekiness? That’s where Jaq’s songwriting and the injected sense of humor comes into play.

Life isn’t all seriousness and unfairness. There are times when we all must pull our hair down and just take in the ‘good’ of living. Appreciation for love, beauty comes with the acceptance of the now, as well. From there, a plan of attack – an anticipation for what’s to come – can be asserted.

Because you have to smile a bit in this mostly unjust world. If you don’t, your ‘heart’ will die.

Jaq Havoq, wants you to dance and smile with him.

Said Jaq of ‘Like the Summer’: “It tells the story of a man meeting a woman whose beauty shined like a summers day. The song provides the listener with a sense of joy and energy that is meant to be an accent on a perfect day.”

Let’s make everyday that ‘perfect day’, shall we?


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