Jared Saltiel ‘Misrepresenting Myself’ : Beautiful. A start – a step – towards discovery and fulfillment.

Jared Saltiel

Singer/songwriter, producer, arranger, Jared Saltiel brings calm and beauty, in one neat package named, ‘Misrepresenting Myself’. The Brooklyn New York based artists, humbling-ly lovely vocals and ‘living’ lyrics, cascade into your listening heart like gentle rain.

From the latest EP ‘No Heroes’ (out now), ‘Misrepresenting Myself’ is an “ambitious piece of singer-songwriter piano-pop about the struggle for authenticity, posing the question — how can you fully express yourself if you’ve never felt the freedom to experience yourself as you truly are..”

From confusion and self-doubt, a wave of viability clutches with cathartic ambience.

A vigil of everyday and everyone.

Wanting. Holding. Wishing.

Beautiful in its ways, ‘Misrepresenting Myself’ is a start – a step – towards discovery and fulfillment.


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