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Jason Ebbs Shares Single ‘Average Joe’. Regrets Form Clarity. And Clarity Wants Her Back. We All Relate.

The joke is on ‘us’. When we break up. When that relationship doesn’t turn out the way it was meant to me (in our heads), it’s a tragedy. The mountains crumble, the Universe seems much colder, and those watery things coming out of your eye balls seem very un-familiar. But heck, it’s just a relationship, right? Not at that moment, it’s not.

Off of his latest ‘Familiar Villains’ EP, out now.

And we all can relate. We at CHF sure can.

It’s just our chemicals in our brains that are making our hearts go into such PAIN. And sometimes, we think we deserve such torture. Maybe it was us who fell into this horrible predicament. “Yea. I deserve this. I’ll never get out of this.” The world seems darker, angry, un-empathetic, and it seems you’re alone.

Utterly alone.

The cinder blocks of your life has fallen and are strewn all around you.

But sometimes, through a song, there can be some healing. Well, at least a nice slap on the face, to wake your senses up from this SELF INDUCED coma of a life you lead.

It’s okay. Life is a box of pain, sometimes.

Buck up. You’ll survive.

Just don’t think too much about how her new boyfriend is sleeping with her.


Kudos, Jason. Fabulously fun song, to be sure.

Buy [HERE]



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