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Jason Powers Shares Invigorating Single ‘Begin Again’.

Being down is hard. It’s even harder to come back and be the normal self you’ve always been. All of the stresses and prodding that life does to your inner peace, feel like it’ll never be repaired again.

But there are small but significant offers of such gratitude that we can take to heart and let us sing once more.

Because you can. You must.

JASON POWERS is an artist from San Francisco and now lives and works in Los Angeles. The Californian roots are deep with Jason and the beauty of such comes through in his as beautiful indie folk single ‘Begin Again’.

Perseverance and joy is what has made Jason write this song. An example of what we must or do to survive the worst. For there are more things that gets you down, but there’s a promise of love and affection and gratification that seems oh so attainable.

Let’s ride through the Pacific Coast Highway, of now and in our imaginations.

Let’s smile again.

‘Begin Again’ was produced by Moses Truzman (Audiomoe) with featured instrumentalists on Zephyr Avalon on bass, and Tom Frazer on guitar.



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