Jawny ‘Anything You Want’ (Video) : Making stuff with people they know and stuff they own. So good.


JAWNY (fka Johnny Utah / irl Jacob Sullenger) has the video for ‘Anything You Want’. It’s fun, it’s odd, but at the same time, it calls on your inner child-ness to come out and play like heck. Directed by Ariel Fish, the quarantine friendly love story was filmed remotely in Los Angeles where Fish and Jawny collaborated to make the different characters out of things they had in their homes or by filming people they were quarantining with.

The atchy love-pop song follows singles ‘4Tounce’ and ‘Honeypie’, under the Johnny Utah moniker. ‘Honeypie’ cemented JAWNY’s spot as one of pop’s rising stars – gaining him notoriety from the song’s music video which now has amassed over 8.8 million views on YouTube. Jawny overall has 1.6 million monthly listeners on his Spotify channel. His earnestness in his music has created a connection between him and his fans that garnered a cult-like following that only continues to grow.

Jawny is the alternative, love-pop brainchild of 23 year old multi-instrumentalist Jacob Sullenger. And since 2017 (after gaining a cult like following online due to viral videos on twitter), he’s released a series of EP’s and singles all varying in styles and moods while retaining the same lo-fi pop roots and love washed lyricism.

Jawny’s got much, much more to offer. He knows it, and we all should know that too.

The talent of lo-fi glamor is within the soul of Jawny.


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