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Jay Schoeman Shares Single ‘Fun’.

Don’t want to be wholly presumptive, but we think JAY SCHOEMAN is a unique kind of person (i.e. ‘a character’). Well, at least through his music we could assume that. And that is a plus with us. For putting out music is hard enough. But when you have a interesting way of constructing music, and communicating the ‘feels’ through them – it’s a good thing.

‘FUN’ is the first ever single from Jay. You can tell from the production. But it’s the ‘character’ that is appealing to us here at CHF.

The ‘awkwardness’ is baked into this single, and when passers-by listen to it, probably will be mystified. But as we’d mentioned, it’s about presenting something ‘different’, and the way Jay has decided to present the single is something that needs to be recognized.

The song is, surely, something that ‘needs to grow on you’.

And to that, we say, there are many things that can become appealing, over time. Some worth it, some not. But we think ‘Fun’ can be a great starting point for that kind of diet, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Yea. We’re weird LOL.

Anywho, kudos Jay. Looking for more ‘interesting’ songs from you in the future.



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