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JAYA ‘Not Gonna Happen’ : Work that is both art and redemption for all who listen.

Calm parity shoots parting shots at the embers of life and curiosities


Victoria, BC indie-pop artist JAYA is releasing her third single entitled “Not Gonna Happen” off of her upcoming album ‘Everybody’s Getting Married’. JAYA is the solo project of Wise Child front-woman Jaya Bremer.

“We recorded this song the final day in the studio; without any idea of what direction to take it in, somehow everything fell into place,” stated Jaya. “’Inner Lover’ by Land of Talk ended up being a big influence on the track, I have always loved the intro to that song so much; it confuses the listener with where the beat is. I had wanted to play around with that feeling in my own writing.”

Off the beaten path and certainly a taste that needs time for you to absorb, ‘Not Gonna Happen’ is a song that is quirky-ly serious in its intensions and delivers with a powerfully understated, punch for subjects of inner posterity and gumption. The sparse and lo-fi vibes, come at you with a feeling of desperation that we all can relate to and consume. The break of reality and composition for our surroundings, happens when we maybe don’t even realize it – for good or for worse. And in this diabolically brooding off-kilter mass of words, serenity is a big player and beneficiary to the claim.

Added Jaya: “This song is an unfinished thought, the kind of thought that lives in the back of every artist’s mind: whether any of the work we do is amounting to something important or even sustainable! We try to stuff those thoughts somewhere far away so that we can keep on going; keep on creating. The end of the song pictures what a different reality could look like; one with more security and normalcy to it. There is a certain romanticism around the industry and ideas of what success looks like from the outside. This song plays with extremes.”


Over the last few years Jaya has increasingly focused on original projects. In 2018, Jaya was selected to partake in Banff Centre Singer Songwriter residency, which was the final push to pursue her solo career, and record a selection of songs written over the last few years.

Jaya’s latest departure, is a work that is both art and redemption for all who listen. The calm parity shoots parting shots at the embers of life and curiosities, which surround our every step. And just like anything, the song will grow on you with warmth and its inherent joy for the expectations that comes with the territory.



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