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Jaymes Young – Black Magic

Jaymes Young’s Black Magic doubts the reality, and paints the world of love we often experience, as a catalyst and an ignition to dimension never thought before. And that happens every time in a new relationship, don’t it?

It’s something that is inevitable, and 100% happens – the girl/guy, just puts a spell on you. The honeymoon phase starts, everything she/he does is Gold. Nothing matters when they are in the room. Your senses are focused, only to that person you lust, desire, hunger.

Tiger comes out of you, your soul – you’d never thought, but it did. Never thought it would come back, after the last disastrous relationship. But here you are, petting that Tiger again, needing the new conquest.

Her lips, her eyes, her everything – gets you going. It’s a hunger, that can’t be satisfied. You want her, you need her – right now.

Do you hope she feels the same way about you? She sure does.

Lets find out, lets go out, lets go hang out – we’ll merge together.



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